Gympie Show Results 2016


Adult jumper or cardigan:          First – Irene Shelton

Child jumper or cardigan           First – Irene Shelton

Entry in fancy yarn                  First – Sallie Saunders
                                                     Second – Robynne Flynn
                                                     Third – Joan Holt

Machine knitted garment           First –  Sallie Saunders
                                                          Second – Irene Shelton
                                                         Third – Sue Taylor

Machine knitted shawl or rug     First – Joan Holt
                                                           Second – Sue Taylor

DSC_0026-2 DSC_0027-2 DSC_0028-2 DSC_0029-2 DSC_0030-2 DSC_0031-2

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Gold Coast Passap – 2016 May

We had a great day today at the Gold Coast Passap.  We covered recent QCMKA feedback,  our Show and Tell and Homework from the last meeting.  We then had a go at the Bowlers Scarf as seen below.  I learnt so much – as always – thanks to everyone – really appreciated and a fabulous time…


Kims Jacket - Passap Book 55
Kims Jacket – Passap Book 55
Michelles Transfer Top
Trudys Jacket - Passap
Trudys Jacket – Passap
Trudys Jacket - and Knitted Top under - Passap
Trudys Jacket – and Knitted Top under – Passap
Bowlers Scarf - Passap
Bowlers Scarf – Passap
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Brisbane Combined – 2016 May

GarterBar on Bulky

What a wonderful session….

Firstly we revisited (and tried out) Tony Bennetts Seamless / Reversible Seam.  A few mistakes by yours truly but we got the idea sorted.  Impressive…

Ann showed us a pattern for a tiny tiny bootee for newborns – seriously cute.

Then we had an amazing session with the dreaded Garter Bar.  We checked out Sandees Video and Diana Sullivans video and had a go.  I was honestly gobsmacked at how easy and magic it is.  I think several of us went away wondering why we had shunned the garter bar for so many years.   I went home and played on my Bulky – photo attached shows the result and my Bulky garter Bar.

A great time and a huge turnout – Thanks as always to Margaret.

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Brisbane Passap Workshop – Eleanor Goldfinch


We had Eleanor Goldfinch from NSW up to show us a few Passap tips and tricks – how to make some lovely rugs (blankets and covers) – how the locks work and what the E6000 can do for us.  We had a great time with 15 attendees, even a new member and a fabulous demonstration.  Thanks Eleanor and the organisers – appreciated!!

2016-04-29 Eleanor Goldfinch2016-04-29 Eleanor Goldfinch 2016-04-29 Eleanor Goldfinch

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