About Us

QCMKA is the association that facilitates workshops, insurance and information spreading across the various clubs.

We are here to assist the clubs and to promote machine knitting.

Members can join direct to QCMKA and / or through attendance and participation at a club level.

Any suggestions re this web site are encouraged – please send us ideas and suggestions – to admin@qcmka.org

We also have a Facebook Group, you are welcome to join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/QCMKA

We hold monthly General meetings and representatives from the various clubs are encouraged to come along and attend.

If you are not receiving emails from QCMKA Рplease check that you have admin@qcmka.org as a contact in your address book Рthis is required by some but not all virus checkers.  Also Рplease email admin@qcmka.org with your phone number and we will see what we can do.   Thank You.

Happy Knitting