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The Concise Machine Knitting Book – Helga Guyot

Creative Machine Knitting – Ruth Lee

Creative Machine Knitting – Sally-Anne Elliott, more than 120 original stitches & fabrics plus garments.

Designer Machine Knitting – Vanessa Keegan, 1988

Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters – Susan Guigliumi (plus 2 more books below)
More Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters
Hand Knits by Machine

The Harmony Guide to Machine Knitting Stitches – Harmony Guides

An Illustrated Handbook of Machine Knitting – Janet Nabney

Machine and Hand Knitting: Pattern Design – Kathleen Kinder

The Machine Knitters Design Book – Hazel Pope, a guide for ambitious beginners

A Machine Knitters Guide to Creating Fabrics – Susanna E Lewis and Julia Weissman

The Machine Knitters Guide to Double Jacquard – Betty Bailey

The Machine Knitting Book – John Allen, basic knitting machine techniques with 25 sweater patterns

Machine Knitting: The Techniques of Slipstitch – Denise Musk

Machine Knitting Resource Book – Joyce Bragdon

Mid-Gauge Basics and Much More – Charlene Shafer, includes basic techniques for LK150 and other mid-gauge machines.

Textured Patterns for Machine Knitting – Sheila Sharp

Treasury of Machine Knitting Stitches – John Allen, a complete array of stitches inc tuck, lace, jacquards etc.

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Machine Knitting Resource Book by Joyce Bragdon

Book Review by Robynne of Mudjimba Club.

I recently purchased the Machine Knitting Resource Book by Joyce Bragdon.  It is a very basic book and would make a great tool for beginners.  I felt there was not a lot for experienced knitters.  It does list a few new apps, which I found useful. It also lists a chart size for children through to adults in inches and centimetres, which could be very handy.

Attached is a picture of the cover and Table of Contents.

MachineKnittingResourceBook MackKnittResBookTOC